Non Lethal BANG Distraction Grenade (12 Pack)

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These grenades are powered by 12g Co2 cartridges (sold seperately). They are useful non lethal distraction devices that are used to disorient and distract. Pull the pin, throw the grenade and 4 - 6 seconds later, the pierced C02 canister ruptures the grenade shell with a loud BOOM! It can generate a very loud explosive sound at over 130 decibels - enough to stun and disorient. Can also be used to scare off aggressive or nuisance animals while maintaining a safe distance, and with no fire risk as seen with many pyrotechnics. 

The grenade shells and Co2 cartridges can be replaced and the grenade core is reusable. 

Package Includes:
1 x Grenade Core
12 x Grenade shells