About Us

John Hancq


  • Masters in Business Administration
  • Bachelors in Global Affairs
  • Former Police Officer and Hostage Negotiator

Connor Howe

Marketing Director and Outdoor Safety Specialist

  • Bachelors in Outdoor Science
  • Backcountry guide and expert outdoorsman

Scott Conner

Product Director and School Safety Expert

  • Bachelors in Criminology
  • Former Police Sergeant and School Safety Director
  • 20 Year Martial Arts Instructor

At Novice Defense, we wanted to create a place that offered serious defense equipment that was available to everyone. Most defense websites offer cheaply made products that won't hold up in a real life situation. Any place that carries high quality gear is usually designed for "gun nuts" and not the general public. 

The Novice Defense team is comprised of martial arts experts and ex-law enforcement. We select the highest quality products at every price point, from $5 to $500, so they are affordable to everyone. We leave out products that in our experience are impractical or ineffective in defense situations (i.e. most stunguns). We promise to never sell you anything that we wouldn't carry into a fight ourselves on a daily basis.

The world is a scary place. At Novice Defense, we want everyone to feel safe against the predators and bullies of the world.