Self Defense Keychains - The Top 8 Must Have Items

Posted by John Hancq on Mar 11th 2021

Self Defense Keychains - The Top 8 Must Have Items

Self defense keychains are growing in popularity, and for good reason. There are huge advantages. Not everyone wants to carry a gun or a taser. Carrying these weapons is not for everyone, and even those who own them do not often carry them. Not so with a self-defense keychain. Most people carry keys daily. By adding basic self-defense items, you will always be prepared without having to think twice. As we always say, “The best tool is one you always have with you”.

When putting together a self defense keychain you can either make your own or buy a complete package. The problem with most self-defense keychain packages is the poor quality. Novice defense has solved that problem and offers high quality self-defense keychain packages.

Novice Defense Packages

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If you want to piece your own self defense keychain together, you are probably wondering where to start. We have put together a list of must-haves for any setup, as well as what you can probably do without.

1. Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is hands down the best non-lethal self defense tool you can own. There is a reason why every police officer carries one. It is extremely effective against assailants with very little training and is legal to carry in most places. Once used, pepper spray completely disables an attacker for up to 45 mins. If you have only one defense option on your keychain, this should be it.

There are a few different options when it comes to pepper spray. Almost all of them come with a UV marker dye to assist in suspect identification. There are gel formulations which have less “blowback” but require better aim. There are also versions that come with tear gas, which is generally not recommended as it is illegal in many places.

The most important consideration for keychain pepper spray is size and reliability. Sabre Red is the most reliable brand, and their smallest model is the Mighty Discreet. It is sleek and barely noticeable on your keychain, but still has 16 bursts of police grade OC. It has a lifespan of 4 years, twice as long as other brands.

SABRE RED Mighty Discreet


2. Flashlight

Criminals hate the light. On some deep animal level, predators hate to be seen. By carrying a flashlight, you have a preemptive defense weapon. Unlike other weapons, a flashlight does not cause lasting harm. You can shine it on anyone acting shady and deter them from advancing further. If it happens to be someone innocent, then no harm done. In a more extreme situation, it can blind an attacker and give you precious seconds to get away.

Flashlight technology has advanced greatly. You can get extremely bright flashlights in small packages. I would recommend at least 100 lumens, but 300 lumens is even better.

Nitecore TIKI LE (300 Lumens)


Rovyvon A3

Rovyvon Aurora A3 (650 Lumens)


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3. An Impact Device

A keychain impact device is a great less lethal option to carry on your keychain. These come in a variety of different forms. You will most commonly see Kubotans, but we do not recommend these. They are designed to work on pressure points (debatably effective) and require extensive practice and training to be effective. They have also been around for a long time. Long enough to have been banned in many municipalities.

Better options include a “kitty” punch, “’knucks” or the Covid Claw. These can be preemptively positioned in your fist and allow you to deliver quick strikes to the aggressor’s face and eyes in an emergency. This would almost certainly break their grip and give you the time needed to escape.

Kitty Punch


Covid Claw

Defense device, door opener, button pusher. 


4. Knife

A knife is a just a great tool to have overall. It has multiple uses beyond a defensive tool. You can open boxes, cut zip ties, open bottles, etc. In a defensive situation, a small keychain pocketknife can be used to deliver quick and extremely effective strikes to the face, giving you time to escape a dangerous encounter. Keychain knives can be deployed and held concealed in the hand in case you are being followed or in a dangerous location.

Keychain knives like the Kershaw Cinder and Kershaw shuffle are small enough to be legal in many municipalities. They also feature bottle openers, making them even more useful on a daily basis.

Kershaw Shuffle

Starting at $15.95

Kershaw Cinder Keychain Knife


5. Alarm

A personal alarm is another good option to carry on a self defense keychain. Most personal alarms function the same way. When you pull the keychain, it initiates a 120-130 Decibel alarm. They are a great option to have in addition to other defensive weapons. Even if no one else is around, the alarm alone will scare off most perpetrators. They work great for college students and are one of the few defensive tools children can carry.

Personal Alarm

SABRE RED 120Db Personal Alarm


6. Quick Detach

This is an often-overlooked component of a defensive keychain. It is important to be able to quickly separate your defensive items on your keychain from your keys. Whether it is to remove your pepper spray before entering a nightclub, or to preemptively grip your impact device, you do not want to have to fumble with undoing a standard keyring. There are many quick detach options including clips and small carabiners, many are made by Nite IZE.

Various Quick Links (Nite Iz, etc.)

Starting at $1.99

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7. Safety Extras

Beyond personal defense, there are many general safety products to consider. These will vary depending on personal preparedness preference. To protect against germs, you can add a Covid Claw which is a combination door opener, button pusher and impact device. You can also add a small bottle of hand sanitizer. Some of the more popular add-ons include a Resqme Rescue Tool, CPR Mask or Small first aid kit.

Various Keychain First Aid Supplies

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RESQME Auto Escape Tool


8. Something Personal

The last thing to add to your keychain is something to make it personal. You want this to be your design, and something you are proud to carry on a daily basis. Whether it’s a pink pom-pom, a paracord tassel, or a skull keychain, make it something that looks cool and is your style.

Novice Defense LUX

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