​Top 5 Non Lethal Guns for Concealed Carry

Posted by John Hancq on Feb 20th 2022

​Top 5 Non Lethal Guns for Concealed Carry

There are many reasons why you would want to choose a non-lethal gun to conceal carry. In today’s world, having a less lethal option is getting more and more appealing. The potential costs of having to kill someone are too high. Another good reason to choose less lethal weapons is the heavy regulation of firearms. For residents of southern California, getting a concealed carry firearms permit is nearly impossible. Carrying a less lethal gun, however, often requires no permit, registration or background checks.

When looking for a less lethal gun to carry, there are many options. Unfortunately, there are not many good ones. Less lethal technology just isn’t advanced enough to offer portability, effectiveness, round capacity and reliability all in one package. However, we’ve taken the time to list some of the best options below.

1. Taser Pulse

A Taser is currently the only small size less lethal option that can completely incapacitate an attacker. The Taser Pulse is reasonably priced and is high quality and reliable. There’s a reason most cops carry tasers. However, you only have one shot, and reloading can take up to 10 seconds. In addition, for the Taser to be effective, the shot placement has to be perfect. If one dart doesn’t make contact, it won't work.

2. Byrna SD

The Byrna SD is the smallest and most compact multi shot air powered non-lethal gun on the market. The reliability is decent, and the build quality is good. You have six shots in each magazine, with the ability to quickly reload. The only real issue with the Byrna SD is the power. The first few shots max out at 240 FPS, which is less than most paintball guns. It can be effective when used with Pepper Projectiles but isn’t powerful enough for kinetic projectiles alone.

3. Umarex T4E HDP

The HDP utilizes .50 caliber projectiles, as opposed to .68 caliber like the Byrna SD. It is reliable, simple, and sufficiently powered at over 340 FPS. However, the magazine is slow to reload as it’s housed internally in the gun. It’s also quite large, about the same size as a full-size pistol. It is however very cost effective and comes with Pepper Rounds.

4. T4E TR50

The TR50 is extremely popular amongst non-lethal early adopters. It’s .50 Caliber and comes in around $100. It can be customized with upgrade kits and has the potential to be extremely powerful. It comes with a 5 round magazine which is easy to reload. The TR50 comes standard with a ‘quick pierce’ ability, to pierce the air cartridge on demand. Its biggest downfall is its size and is just a little too big to conceal.

5. PepperBall Compact

The PepperBall compact is the most cost effective, and smallest option on this list, however it’s only one shot. It fires a .68 caliber PepperBall that bursts on impact. At around $30, it makes a good backup option to a firearm.