Umarex Smith and Wesson M and P9 Less Lethal Pistol

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 Novice Expert Advice

This Less Lethal Pistol has almost the exact function as a Smith and Wesson M&P9 pistol, it just fires .43 Caliber rounds using air. For existing firearm owners, this is a great option to have as an alternative to lethal. Not all situations call for lethal force, and if you get caught in one of those and only have firearms, you'll be fighting with your fists. This gives you a great intermediary option. It can fire .43 caliber rubber balls at very high velocity. 

John Hancq

-Founder of Novice Defense and Ex-Cop.



M&P is the Smith & Wesson abbreviation for Military & Police. This is the designation reserved for guns used by tactical officers and others for self-defense. The M&P9 M2.0 is a good example. The CO₂-powered T4E version is the corresponding high-end training gun. Police and security services can use it for practicing routine operations. Authentic dimensions and functional elements, plus a convincing recoil, provide for extremely realistic handling even without live ammunition. The M&P9 M2.0 T4E fires .43-caliber chalk, paintball, rubber or pepper ammunition. It shares many features with the original: trigger safety, Picatinny rail and adjustable sights.

System CO₂ Defense-Training-Marker
Caliber .43
Magazine capacity 8 shot(s)
Length 185 mm
Weight 765 g
Energy <5.0 Joule(s)