T15 Less Lethal All Metal .68 Caliber Rifle

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The revolutionary First Strike T15 magazine fed Less Lethal gun is the perfect choice to achieve a true 1-to-1 AR rifle platform without sacrificing performance on the field. The First Strike T15 is the first of its kind to offer a low profile, realistic design while maintaining the ability to shoot full size .68 caliber paintballs, rubber balls, pepper balls, powder balls, First Strike paintballs, and Pepper Ball VXR Rounds. The T15 can certainly dish out punishment, but it can take it too with a durable and lightweight aluminum body. The realistic look and feel of the First Strike T15 is taken one step further with the implementation of an in-stock 13/3000 psi air tank. This fully regulated air tank creates a consistent air source to fire your projectiles, while remaining low profile and completely out of the way. 

  • 2 Piece Cast Aluminum Construction
  • 1-to-1 AR Rifle Design
  • First Strike and .68 Caliber
  • Aluminium Quad Picatinny Rail Hand Guard
  • 13/3000psi Tank/Stock Combo
  • Flip Up Sights
  • Quick 2 Pin Strip Design
  • Fully Functional Charging Handle
  • 19/20 Round Continuous Feed First Strike Magazine
  • Magazine or Hopper Feed
  • 2 Magazines Included

Package Includes:
1 x T15
1 x Tank and stock
2 x V2 Magazines