Tippmann .68 Cal TPX Defender Package

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Defender Package for personal protection. Shoots .68 caliber rounds, powdered by co2 which can be stored away when the moment is needed.
This pistol is ideal for emergency use with the unique design in which the co2 cylinder is punctured on the first trigger pull, this will ensure the gun is not stored pressurized and only need to puncture the cylinder when you need to use it.

Package Includes
The package comes with everything you need and ready for use:

1 x Pistol
2 x 7 Rounds Magazines
3 x FREE Co2 cartridge
10 x Practice powder rounds
10 x Pepper PAVA powder rounds
1 x Hard Case for storage


Operation Type: Semi-Automatic
Ammunition Type: .68 caliber rounds
Ammunition Source: 7rd Magazine
Range: +/- 60ft
Velocity: +/- 200 to 350fps (adjustable)
Air Source: 12g CO2