Umarex T4E HDX 68 Defense Shotgun with Power Kit (30-40 Joules)

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Extreme situations demand extreme measures. This is where the .68-caliber T4E HDX 68 pump-action rifle comes into its own. With its imposing looks and impressive sound when charging, it shows it means business. Users will appreciate the intuitive operation. The rugged full-metal receiver and massive muzzle brake bring the weight of the Home Defense Extreme up to more than 3 kg for additional sturdiness.

This model provides 11 Joules of force from 2 C02 Cartridges. This kit comes with the 30-40 joules power kit and the T4E HDX Pump Action Paintball Shotgun.  You can shoot it as a standard 11 joules model, or install the upgrade power kit for more power and use it for defense applications. It relies on 2 x 12g CO₂ capsules to provide the power force for the 16 roundballs in the tube magazine. The capsules are stowed safely and easily accessible in the collapsible stock, and activated by a quick piercing button at the rear. 

The T4E HDX Shotgun can fire .68 Caliber Pepper Balls, Rubber Balls, High Impact Rounds, Powder Balls and Paintballs. 


-  Shoots .68 caliber paintballs, rubber balls, or powderballs

-  11 Joules with 30 - 40 Joules Power Kit

-  Powered by 2 x 12 CO2 in the buttstock
-  Integrated magazine holds 16 rounds and is quickly and easily loaded with the convenient loading ramp housed in the grip
-  Removable flip-up adjustable rear sight
-  M-LOK slots and picatinny rails for mounting lights, optics and other accessories
-  34.5" overall length